K-9 Ornella's Miraculous Healing!

Rescued Homeland Security Dog Gets Relief From OCD

Homeland Security K-9 Ornella came to Save-A-Vet with injuries that gave her severe OCD behavior and made her too unpredictable and aggressive to work.

Ornella's OCD caused her to keep chasing her tail and chewing it off. She was put in a cone and neck brace, had surgical removal of most of her tail, and sedated with dozens pills a day in an attempt to manage her problem before we rescued her from being put down.

Within less than six months in Save-A-Vet care, we have been able to work Ornella out of the cone and she is on her way to living a normal happy life. Ornella is five years old and has a great and happy future in front of her as a retired K-9 hero.

Watch this video to see the new Nell, romping around like a normal healthy dog.

Watch this video to see Nell's disturbing behavior problems before we recsued her.

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