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Why Adopt An MWD

These K-9's are soldiers that did not volunteer for their jobs, but did them anyway with every ounce of energy they had. Soldiers that no matter what the task, the long hours, heat, cold, rain or shine, could be counted on to do their duty. Soldiers that deserve the best. For anyone who can handle the unique needs of these special animals, you'll never find a better dog.

MWD Program

MWD Adoption Site

Since the passage of "Robby's Law" in 2000, the military has made great strides in its adoption program, and will adopt out any retired MWD they feel is safe and fit to live in a household situation and try to match each individual dog with a suitable owner.

The Military Working Dog School operates out of Lackland Air Force Base outside San Antonio, TX. This is the official adoption site for all MWD's, and the only site you need if you are interested in adopting one of these K-9 heroes as part of your family. Please send your all your adoption requests and questions to them. 

Sgt. Null Playing With MWDMWD Adoption Is Free

There are a number of groups and websites popping up that offer to help you adopt an MWD for a fee. You do not need to pay any money to adopt an MWD. Your only expense will be for the transporation of your new friend.

All you need to do is follow the instructions on the official site to get one of these noble companions. You also can find answers to "Frequently Asked Questions" on the official site.

Be aware that there is a waiting list. These dogs are becoming quite popular -- deservedly so -- especially with all the recent stories in the media informing the public about their inspiring lives. So, if you are interested get on the list now!

MWD PuppiesOther Ways To Help

If you live within two hours of Lackland AFB near San Antonio and love puppies you might consider helping out as a foster home in their MWD Breeding Program. This involves raising a puppy from 12 weeks to 6 months of age before these future military working dogs are ready to enter their training.

Otherwise, you might consider "adopting" a K-9 unit at a base near you or anywhere in the world. Their fellow-soldier human handlers love their canine partners and often appreciate treats, toys, and other specialized items the government may not have provided for them. We at Save-A-Vet often send such care packages to units deployed in the field. Always ask first to make sure you know what they need.

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