Land Donated for Save-A-Vet Facility

Wounded soldiers and retired military K-9s could be getting a new home
Merillan City Hall

MERRILLAN, Wis. (WEAU) -- A non-profit is in limbo tonight, waiting to see if they'll get approval to help wounded veterans and wounded K-9's. The village of Merrillan board tabled the idea tonight, and could vote on the matter as soon as next Tuesday.

Danny Scheuer is an Iraq war veteran and founder of the Save a Vet organization.

"Save a Vet takes the vets and K-9s that are unsuitable for adoption, the ones that are supposed to be euthanized after service, and then we hire disabled veterans to take care of them,” said Scheuer.

Nero served as a K-9 bomb detector in the Middle East when he was wounded.His injuries could make him aggressive in some situations, meaning he is not suitable for regular adoption.

"He is accredited with saving 3,000 soldiers, and if we didn't take Nero he would have been euthanized,” said Scheuer.

There was only one problem - finding a place to house the facility.

"I asked him what we can do to help you get this project going, they said, we need the land pretty bad, no-body will give us any land...and I said, I think we have a place for you,” said land donor, Arlene Frelk.

Scheuer got a pleasant surprise- close to six acres of land donated for the wounded warriors and k-9 housing, In Merrillan.

Arlene Frelk owned the land for more than 20 years with nothing ever build on it. She said it just has been waiting for someone special.

"After all they've done for us this is the least we can do for them,” said Frelk.

And the new addition to the town will benefit the community as a whole.

"It brings a lot to the community, and not just presence but income too. Those veterans get disability checks from the government, and that's the money that they will be spending within the community,” said Scheuer.

"They are going to have a nice peaceful area to live in and nice new housing that's handicap accessible for all the soldiers that come,” said Frelk.

Save a Vet already has properties in 6 states. If the plan passes Merrillan veteran house will be the first one that's built from the ground up.

The organization is 100 percent volunteer and donation driven.

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