We Have 2011 "Robby's Law" Report

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Thanks to the help of U.S. Senator Blumenthal's wonderful staff we now have a copy of the "Robby's Law" report to Congress for 2011, showing the numbers of military working dogs adopted, transferred, and euthanized during that year.

A total of 60 dogs were euthanized in 2011, compared with 328 dogs adopted or transferred to law enforcement agencies. We are encouraged to see the number of dogs euthanized drop from 78 in 2010 to 60 in 2011, which shows progress by the military in protecting our canine veterans.

The report attempts to distinguish between dogs euthanized for "humane" reasons (44) and dogs that were too "dangerous" for transfer or adoption (16). However, our experience suggests that the line between these two categories may not always be all that clearcut.

While we are glad that the numbers of dogs being euthanized in 2010 were far fewer than the numbers adopted and transferred, we grieve for all our canine veteran friends who were put to death unnecessarily and will work even harder on our mission to save all of them.

Meanwhile, we need to press forward on our efforts to get the reports for 2001 - 2008. Please sign our petition to help make this happen.

Also, we have learned that someone in the Congress inserted a provision into the 2012 defense authorization that repealed the reporting requirement in Robby's Law.

This is deeply troubling to us, and we hope is is to you too. We are asking our friends and supporters in Congress to help us find out how this happened -- who added this provision, who supported it, who asked for it? We will keep you posted as more facts come to light.

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