We Have All 11 "Robby's Law" Reports!

Years 2001-2007 Came From Our FOIA Request

In response to our Freedom of Information Act request, we have now received the Military Working Dog disposition reports for the years 2001-2007.

We already had these reports for the years 208-2011 through the cooperation of the military and our friends in Congress.

Here are the numbers of dogs transferred/adopted and euthanized for all eleven years. Click on the year to open the full report.

Year Trans/Adopt Euthanized
2001 53 107
2002 ?? 128
2003 116 105
2004 156 101
2005 177 108
2006 281 127
2007 360 122
2008 411 93
2009 386 81
2010 338 78
2011 328 60


Save-A-Vet was able to unearth this important information and share it with the public thanks to active support from all of you!

We have learned that someone in Congress (we'll find out who) quietly slipped into the 2012 military spending bill a provision that repeals the "Robby's Law" reporting requirements.

It is a well-known principle that you can only manage what you measure. Removing this reporting requirement is a giant step backwards, at a time when we need to be moving forward as a nation to protect and reward these noble canine veterans.

Save-A-Vet will be starting an action to save the "Robby's Law" reporting requirements. We hope you will support this when we do.

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