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K-9 Ornella's Miraculous Healing!

Nov 23, 2012 - Comments: 0 - Tags:

Homeland Security K-9 Ornella came to Save-A-Vet with injuries that gave her severe OCD behavior and made her too unpredictable and aggressive to work.

Ornella's OCD caused her to keep chasing her tail and chewing it off. She was put in a cone and neck brace, had surgical removal of most of her tail, and sedated with dozens pills a day in an attempt to manage her problem before we rescued her from being put down.

Update: The Battle To Save MWD Rex


Victory Update

It's official -- MWD Rex will be going home to Cpl. Megan Leavey.

The celebratory news reports are too many to list here, but you can find them with this search:

MWD's No Longer Equipment Under New Bill

Mar 04, 2012 - Comments: 0 - Tags:
MWD Robby

Dogster Media
March 1, 2012

Legislation introduced this week would finally take U.S. military working dogs (MWDs) out of the category of “equipment” and make them bona fide “Canine Members of the Armed Forces.” If it passes, these loyal four-legged heroes who risk their lives for the safety of our troops would at last be officially recognized as the intrepid warriors and lifesavers they have been for war after war.

Dogs And Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

human and canine veterans comfort each other

It’s well known that post-traumatic stress is one of the major problems facing many veterans returning from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. But now researchers are finding that a large number of military dogs may be grappling with the condition as well. By some estimates, more than 5 percent of the roughly 650 military dogs deployed by American combat forces are coming down with what researchers call canine PTSD, reports James Dao in The New York Times.


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