Train Our Disabled Vets

MWD Deacon & Jason

Why They Need Training

Save-A-Vet rescues military & law enforcement working dogs (canine veterans), and shelters them with disabled veterans.

All of these dogs have two things in common (which in some sense they share with their human companions):

1 - They too have disabilities that prevent them from continuing to serve on active duty and make them unsuitable for adoption.

2 - They too have specialized training and field experience in dealing with dangerous, emotionally charged, and violent situations.

The disabled veterans who shelter with these dogs must learn how to safely handle them and take care of their special needs. Even though as veterans they have served with these unique animals, they still need formal training from professional handlers to learn how to manage them.

MWD Deacon & Jason

SAV Training & Certification

At Save-A-Vet we rescue disabled working dogs from a wide range of government agencies with all different types of training and field experience -- including MWD's from all branches of the military with various kinds of assignments, and K-9's from all kinds of law enforcement bodies and security contractors.

So we need to have relationships with a wide network of professional handlers to help our veterans learn how to live with these different dogs in a way that is safe and beneficial to everyone. This is why we have developed our own Save-A-Vet Training & Certification Program to prepare our two-legged veterans to properly care for our four-legged veterans.

Meet Our Trainer Volunteers

We have master handlers with broad training and experience from all across the canine security services spectrum -- including the official MWD Program at Lackland AFB, numerous state, local and federal law enforcment agencies, and private security contractors.

If you are an experienced military or law enforcement working dog handler/trainer and want to join our elite team of volunteers, please contact our training network leader Jason Greene.

Jason Greene

Jason Greene - Team Leader

Jason currently serves as Patrolman/K9 Handler and K9 Unit Coordinator of the Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation District (NICTD) Transit Police Department. He has been working a Dual Purpose Explosive Detector Dog (EDD), with numerous apprehensions of criminals. His Police Dog and he have provided assistance for numerous details throughout Northwest Indiana during the Obama vs. Clinton Presidential Campaign assisting the U.S. Secret Service. They also assist local police jurisdictions with explosive, gun, and criminal search/apprehensions. Jason has certified his Police Dog to United Police Canine Association (UPCA), National Police Work Dog Association (NPWDA), and American Police Canine Association (APCA) standards. While operating for nearly four years on a "shoestring" budget he has been able to allow his small police department to acquire a second dog and with his guidance and training to have the dog and handler certified under American Work Dog (AWD) standards as a single purpose EDD, while working towards an APCA Dual Purpose Certification to come later in 2012. Jason is in the process of becoming a Trainer with the APCA, and is also certified through the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy as an Instructor with experience in Police Dog Handling Instruction, General Law Enforcement Instruction, Railroad Safety Instruction, and general dog handling and care instruction.

Jason GreeneFrom June 2004 through August 2007, Jason was employed as a Private Contractor EDD Handler and Close Protection Specialist with the U.S. State Department High Threat Protection Detail throughout Iraq. During this time, he was part of the protection detail charged with the security of the investigation team, gathering information throughout northern Iraq for the prosecution of Sadaam Hussein for his and his regime's genocidal crimes against the Kurds. He worked a number of "startup" sites for the company throughout the country, setting K9 Standard Operating Procedures. He acted as the company's Assistant and eventually Kennel Master vetted by the State Department, in charge of 30+ EDD Teams in Baghdad and satellite sites throughout the country. His Kennel Master responsibilities included all logistical arrangements throughout the country for handlers and dogs, and ensuring all dogs had regular training to maintain their NPWDA standards of Explosives Detection, that all dogs were properly cared for, and that handlers were regularly trained in emergency veterinary and regular care and maintenance for proper health of the dogs. Jason also regularly handled dogs as part of the Detail's Mobile Advance Security Teams throughout the country, and scheduled daily assignments of EDD Teams to assist the numerous Advance Security Teams.

After successfully completing the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy in 1999, Jason worked in the Uniform Patrol Division of the Lake County Sheriff's Police Department as both a patrolman and as a K9 Handler until 2004.  During his time as a K9 Handler, he worked two different Man Trailing Bloodhounds with a number of successful finds, both for lost persons and criminal apprehension.

Throughout his nearly 10 years of K9 Handling experience, Jason has developed a trustworthy network of handlers/trainers that he regularly utilizes in both regular training and problem solving issues he may come across.  Whatever he cannot personally fix, change, or correct -- someone he knows will be able to. Jason is also a disabled United States Navy Veteran 1991-1994.

Simon GresserSimon Gresser - Volunteer Trainer

Cpl. Simon Gresser has served with the Hobart Police Department since 1999, with their K9 Unit since 2001, and as the K9 Unit Team Leader since 2008. He also has served as an American Police Canine Association (APCA) Traniner (Patrol/Narcotics) since 2009.

His recognitions include the State of Indiana Medal of Life Saver, ACPA K9 Excellence in Service, and APCA Sniff-Off Drug Detection Champion team 2009/2010. Simon was in the Army National Guard from 1993 through 1997.

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